Professor in the field of Electronics & Communications Engineering

Dinesh Kumar V received his PhD from the Dept of Electrical Communication engineering, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore in 2005. Subsequently he was a visiting foreign researcher in Japan from 2006 to 2009. Prior to this, he was employed in the Ministry of Communication & IT, Govt of India through Indian Engineering Services (IES). He joined IIITDM Jabalpur as an Assistant professor in Aug 2009 and presently he is a Professor in the Dept of Electronics and Communication Engineering. His research interests include Analytical and Computational Electromagnetics, Conformal Phased Array Antenna, RF and Microwave Engineering, Nanophotonics and Plasmonics, Optical and THz Communication. He is a Senior member of IEEE and members of Antenna and Propagation society, Communication Society and Photonics society.

Electromagnetic modelling, Planar and conformal phased array antenna, Engineered materials and their application in EM designs, Optoelectronics, Plasmonic solar cells, Nanophononics and Plasmonics, Optical and THz Communication.

  • Ph.D (2005)

    Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore
    Department of Electrical Communication Engineering, CGPA: 8.0/8.0 (Outstanding)

  • M.E (2000)

    College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University Chennai
    Optical Communication, Electronics and Communication Engineering CGPA: 8.31/10 (First Rank)

  • AMIE Sec A&B

    The Institution of Engineers (India)
    Electronics and Communication Engineering (First Class)

  • July, 2021-(Continues) Professor

    Electronics and Communication Engineering, IIITDM Jabalpur

  • Aug 2012 -June, 2021 Associate Professor

    Electronics and Communication Engineering, IIITDM Jabalpur

  • Aug 2009-July 2012 Assistant Professor

    Electronics and Communication Engineering, IIITDM Jabalpur

  • Nov 2006-July 2009 Visiting Foreign Researcher and Post Doc

    Center for Tsukuba Advance Research Alliance (TARA), University of Tsukuba, JAPAN and National Institute for Material Sciences (NIMS), Tsukuba, JAPAN

  • Dec 2002 -Oct 2006 Indian Engineering Services (IES)

    Ministry of Communication &IT (WPC), Govt of India, Bangalore

  • January 2023-April 2024. Professor In Charge/Dean Research

    All administrative works related to Research, Sponsored Projects, Consultancy Work, Innovation and Incubation

  • September 2021-February 2024. Professor In Charge International Affairs

    Administrative works and coordination to promote International Relations

  • August 2019-August 2021. Professor In Charge/Dean Research

    All administrative works related to Research, Sponsored Projects, Consultancy Work, Innovation and IPR

  • June 2016-July 2019, Head of Electronics and Communication Engineering

    All administrative works related to ECE

  • March 2016-August 2021. Head Communication cell

    All administrative works related to Communication cell

  • June 2016-Present. Member IAG/GA

    General Administration in the institute

  • June 2016-Present. Member Academic Senate

    Academic Administration

  • April 2014-November 2016, Convener, Post Graduate Committee of Senate (PGCS)

    To Administer all aspects of PG program in the institute

  • June 2012-August 2014, Head of Electronics and Communication Engineering

    All administrative works related to ECE

  • May 2011-April 2014, Convener, Library Committee of Senate (LCS)

    Policy making and all Administrative works related to Library

  • May 2011-August 2014, Member IAG/GA

    General Administration in the institute

  • July 2011-December 2013, Member Campus Advisory Committee

    As a advisory member in Campus development

  • August 2010-August 2021. Nodal Officer NKN/NMEICT

    Campus LAN implementation, Establishment of VCR and works to NKN/NMEICT

  • 2019: Nominated as expert member in PDR of Development of Radar Signal Seeker for RudraM-II Missile, by Director General (ECS), DRDO Govt of India.

  • 2017: Member of IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society, IEEE Photonics Society, IEEE Communication Society. Reviewer of pertinent Journals.

  • 2013: Nominated as an external visiting expert in DRDO project on Development of Photonic Bandgap Structures for force sensing application awarded to Dept of ECE, IISc Bangalore.

  • 2008: Worked as a Post Doc researcher in National Institute of Science (NIMS) Japan.

  • 2006: Invited as Visiting Foreign Researcher in Tusukuba Advance Research Alliance (TARA) Center University of Tsukuba, Japan

  • 2002: Commended by Deans in Doctoral program at IISc Bangalore, for outstanding performance (CGPA 8.0/8.0)

  • 2001: Granted Research fellowship for Ph.D program in Indian Institute of Science

  • 2000: Qualified IES (Indian Engineering Services) conducted by UPSC (All India Rank 24).

  • 1998: Awarded AICTE fellowship for M.E. program.

  • 1997: Qualified All India GATE examination with 92.38 percentile.

My courses

Current & Previous

Course Code Course name Category Institute Department Link
EC 305 Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Theory UG/ PDPM IIITDM Jabalpur Electronics & Communication Engineering
EC 531 Computational Electromagnetics PG/PhD PDPM IIITDM Jabalpur Electronics & Communication Engineering
OE3E30 Fiber Optics UG/ PDPM IIITDM Jabalpur Electronics & Communication Engineering
OE4E69 Optical Communication UG/ Electronics & Communication Engineering
Course Code Course name Category Institute
EC 311a RF and Microwave Engineering UG/PG/ PDPM IIITDM Jabalpur
EM 551 Photonics and Optical Comm PG/PhD PDPM IIITDM, Jabalpur
EM 666d Optical MEMS and Nanophotonics PG/PhD
EC 635 Nanophotonics and Plasmonics UG/PG/
ES1002 Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronics Engineering UG/
OE3E29 Industrial Microwave Communication UG/PG/PhD
EC8002 Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics UG/PhD


Areas or Specialisation / Project Activities / Publications / Books

Electromagnetics, Antennas, Optical Comm

  • Design, simulation and development of conformal phased array antenna for airborne applications

    Principle Investigator, DRDO Project 2018-2022, Grant Rs 52.7822 Lakhs

  • Establishment of advanced research facility for Microwave & Communication Engineering under FIST program

    Project Coordinator, DST FIST Project, February 2018-2023, Grant Rs 205 Lakhs

  • Design and Development of Miniaturized Ultra-Wideband antenna system for UAV mounted Ground Penetrating Radar System to detect Landmines and Explosives,

    Co-PI Dr Dinesh Kumar V and Dr Gyan Singh, PI: Dr Chetna Sharma, DST NMICPS Technology Innovation Hub on Autonomous Navigation Foundation (TiHAN IIT Hyderabad) Rs 15.52 Lakhs, Jun 2023 – Dec 2024

  • Graphene based Beam forming Antenna for THz Communication, Department of Telecommunication

    PI: Dr Dinesh Kumar V, Co-Pi Dr Manoj Singh Parihar, Department of Telecommunication, Govt of India, Rs 35.66 lakhs (Submitted and Under Review)

2. Abhishek Pahuja, Sandeep Kumar, Vipul Agarwal, Manoj Singh Parihar & V. Dinesh Kumar, Turnstile Diamond Dipole Nanoantenna Based Smart City Compatible Thin Film Solar Cell, Cognitive Computing and Cyber Physical Systems, Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, Springer, vol.537, 2024

1. D. Sahu, S. Maurya, M. Bansal, and D. Kumar “Data-Driven Approach to Design Energy-Efficient Precoder for QoS-aware MIMO-MRCN System in Context of Industry 4.0", "Advances Signal Processing for Industry 4.0 (Vol.2) Security Issues, Management, and Future Opportunity,", Institute of Physics (IOP), 2022.

M. Tech./M.Des.

Roll no Name Status Year Specialization Co-guide
1712104 Kritarth Srivastava Completed 2019 Investigation of planar multilayer hybrid plasmonic waveguide and components
1010201 Mr. Abhinav Bhardwaj Completed 2011 Investigation of Antennas from invisible to visible frequency range antenna
1120202 Mr. Anand Kumar Completed 2013 High performance patch antenna based on Metamaterials
1220205 Mr. Neelesh Gupta Completed 2014 Design of leaky wave antenna for wideband and dual beam scanning.
0910214 Mr. Neeraj Rao Completed 2011 Analysis and Design of Microstrip Patch antenna
1612106 Mr. Prashant Kumar Jha Completed Photonics communication circuits Dr. Matadeen Bansal
1210207 Mr. Rahul Singh Rautela Completed 2014 Investigation of Microstrip line antenna for wireless communication
1210209 Mr. Ratnesh Pandey Completed 2014 EBG based Patch Slot Antenna for Multiband Mobile Communication
1410205 Mr. Satyaprakash Vishwakarma Completed 2016 Investigation of conformal antenna and its array on cylindrical surface
1612111 Mr. Virendra Patel Completed Efficient coupling of light in plasmonic structures
1310215 Mr. Zamir Wani Completed 2015 MIMO Antenna Design
1510203 Mr.Ayaz Ahmad Completed 2017 Miniaturization of Planar Ultrawideband MIMO Antenna
1510208 Mr.Manjunath Completed 2017 MIC/MMIC Dual Band Power Amplifier
1612103 Ms. C. Sindhura Completed Plasmonic filters
1210203 Ms. Chetna Sharma Completed 2018 Design and Fabrication of Spiral Fractal planar antenna
1210210 Ms. Rinkee Completed 2014 Beam Forming Antenna Dr. Anil Kumar
20MECC04 Shivam Kosta Completed 2022 Design and Fabrication of Magneto-Electric Dipole Antenna for 5G Wireless Communication

Ph. D.

Roll no Name Status Year Specialization Co-guide
1912601 Mr Amit Sharma Ongoing Design & Analysis of Antennas for Terahertz Applications
1822605 Mr. Mritunjay Dwivedi Ongoing Design, Simulation and Development of Conformal Phased Array Antenna for Airborne Applications
1110266 Mr. Nitesh Kashyap Completed 2016 Design and Fabrication of High Performance Archimedean Spiral Antenna.
1210268 Mr. Sudeep Baudha Completed 2015 Design and Investigation of High Efficiency Broadband Printed Antenna
1110265 Mr.Neeraj Rao Completed 2017 Design and Analysis of Microstrip Fractal Antenna
1210266 Mr.Saurabh Kumar Completed 2017 Miniaturization of Microstrip Patch Antenna with Optimal Performance
1210203 Ms. Chetna Sharma Completed 2018 Investigation of a Novel Fibonacci Spiral Antenna
21pece06 Rishabh Kumar Baudh Ongoing 2021 Design and investigation of wearable antennas for wireless applications Dr. Manoj Singh Parihar
20pece05 Sonal Sahu Ongoing 2020 Design and development of high performance antenna array for wireless communication Dr. Manoj Singh Parihar

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